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Growth Drive - Meta High: Chapter 1 (FMG)
[[Voting for this chapter is closed!]]
[[Update 5/18: Updated some of the specifics on level ups and girls starting stats: ]]
[[Update 5/16: Added donation goals here: ]]
Growth Drive – Meta High - Chapter 1
by MagnusMagneto
((Read until the directions at the end to find out how YOU can direct the growth in the story!))
The news had taken most social circles in Meta High by storm.  Guy was into bodybuilder chicks!?  His confession seemed genuine, and it made sense; Guy could have had almost any girl in the school as his own, yet he remained single throughout his time there.
It all started when Guy had been browsing one of his favorite female muscle sites, and unknowingly had integrated his alias there with his social networking FaceTweet account.  What would have ot
:iconmagnusmagneto:MagnusMagneto 123 276
Frankie's a muscle babe by Ritualist Frankie's a muscle babe :iconritualist:Ritualist 84 3 Manip 02 of 'Commision 7' by phenoms Manip 02 of 'Commision 7' :iconphenoms:phenoms 278 33 Chain Break - GIF animation by DavidCMatthews Chain Break - GIF animation :icondavidcmatthews:DavidCMatthews 515 48 flex on the beach by ayanamifan flex on the beach :iconayanamifan:ayanamifan 384 45 Beach Tease - Color by SnowLeopardtaur Beach Tease - Color :iconsnowleopardtaur:SnowLeopardtaur 1,589 118 FMG Bikini Babe to Muscle Goddess by jucktod FMG Bikini Babe to Muscle Goddess :iconjucktod:jucktod 335 14
The Duel (Female Muscle Growth story)
The Duel - A Female Muscle Growth Story
by magnusmagneto
We were certain to sit in as equal positioning as possible.  She wanted this competition to rely on our physical abilities alone.  It was agreed that we wouldn't bend our wrists or intentionally use any non-arm part of our bodies to provide additional power.   As we locked hands a surprising bulge rose from her arm.  She had certainly been working out since the last time I saw her, a few months ago.  I wondered if it was in preparation of this battle; as I arrived, she was insistent on arm-wrestling.  It didn't really matter though, I'm in decent enough shape thanks to my genetics, so my arms were about 13 inches. Not to mention I had stronger shoulders and longer arms.  I guess my playful jab that she'd have to get into better shape to beat me at anything physical really got to her.  Regardless, I had to admit, she looked great, especially in he
:iconmagnusmagneto:MagnusMagneto 123 28
Muscle Growth by KinkyRocket Muscle Growth :iconkinkyrocket:KinkyRocket 181 11 Female Muscle Pin-up by DavidCMatthews Female Muscle Pin-up :icondavidcmatthews:DavidCMatthews 909 94

Newest Deviations

Changing of the Seasons
Illness of the psyche,
Numbing and blinding.
The endless blizzard;
Helpless, I am blown away,
Deep within my hollow heart,
Endless voids; I wept.
Pleading hands, my soul to cart,
Tame it through their carnal art.
Helplessly along I'm swept. 
Occluded escape routes; likely
Filled with sand from time's winding.
Wallowing e'er through the mire,
I find within my heart, desire.
Nothing more, I do wish.
Tempted, I tap the wire,
Existential thoughts I fish.
Remembering days of yore,
Indebted to my mistakes.
Finally my senses clear,
Insatiable cries of lust,
Never ceasing, they draw near;
Another hope gone bust.
Loving tenderly;
Laughing with open disgust,
Yet still giving love.
Love, which quells all doubts,
Eases my pain and woe.
Anchoring, new faith sprouts,
Reaping forth what it doth sew,
Never doubting where to go.
Even in the bitter cold,
Dauntless, fearless, bold,
The rays of love shine through.
Heating, melting, the thaw
Awakens hope most raw,
Thrilled with life anew
:iconyttriumdervish:YttriumDervish 3 4
    I rise before the sun, the shrill calls of manufactured birds and artificial serenity imposing their jarring reality onto my subconscious mind. A new day begins; a new year, a new lease on life, and it is mine. A kiss stirs my love, and we smile, savoring the precious moments spouses can share. Precious indeed, as, all too soon, our day must start; showers and shaves, breakfasts cooked, children woken. Packing our lunches, our homework, briefcases and purses, we gobble food as we go, our barbarism justified, our moral objections unheeded. Those objections bear a weight, and my soul carries the burden, even as I feign jolliness, ushering my children off to school with hugs, parting from my wife with a kiss. Silently exhaling, starting my car, I am alone, I can think. And in my consciousness, I grow terrified; in the quiet, in the calm, I can hear myself shrieking.
    The drive to work is typical; caffeine ingested, talk radio serving a futile attempt a
:iconyttriumdervish:YttriumDervish 8 2
TAC: Setting and Changes
This story takes place in the Pathfinder universe, largely the Inner Sea Region of the planet Golarion. The image link below takes you to my, where I have uploaded the Inner Sea Map for reference, and those not familiar with the setting will find the map most useful.
Inner Sea Map
The locations first encountered are the Citadel of Underdawn (located in the Tar-Kazmukh sphere of influence of the Five Kings Mountains; the small bit of mountain located directly west of Kyonin and east of Kerse), the cities of Kerse, Iadara, and Cassomir, and river travel via the Sellen River (which flows through Cassomir into the Inner Sea, emptying from Lake Encarthan).
The following will be updated as changes are implemented.
Irrisen does not exist; its lands and holdings were never formed, and the boundaries marked on the map above have been divided equally (and unimportantly) between the Lands of the Linnorm Kings and the Realm of the Mammoth Lords.
:iconyttriumdervish:YttriumDervish 0 0
TAC: Character Stats - Ter'nil
Grudoter'nilfial Avalastshin Corrin
Class/Level: Fighter-Magus 1
Age: 45
Gender: Male
Alignment: N
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 196 lbs
Race: Dwemul*
Size: Medium
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Languages: Taldan Common, Dwarfish, Elvish, Gnomish, Halfling, Hallit, Kelish
Ability Scores:
STR: 16 (+3)      INT: 18 (+4)
DEX: 14 (+2)     WIS: 11 (+0)
CON: 10 (+0)     CHA: 10 (+0)
25 Point Buy+Racial Mods*
HP: 10
AC: 12 (Unarmored)
MTH: +4
RTH: +3
SDC: 14+Sp.Lvl.
INIT: +6
Fort: 2
 Ref: 2
Will: 2
BAB: 1
CMB: 4
CMD: 16
Craft (Alchemy): +8
Intimidate: +4
Knowledge (Arcana): +8
Knowledge (Engineering): +8
Perception: +2
Profession (Herbalist): +4
Sense Motive: +2
Spellcraft: +8
Survival: +4
Use Magic Device: +4
Improved Initative
Quick Draw
Class Abiliti
:iconyttriumdervish:YttriumDervish 0 0
The Avalastshin Chronicles: General Disclosures
Copyright Disclosures and Usage Terms
Latest Update: 13-December-2015
This document will be updated as needed.
Unless otherwise specifically noted, all proper names of locations (including but not limited to:
-Cities, Towns, and Hamlets
-Countries and Political Regions
-Continents, Land Masses, and Planets
-Rivers and Bodies of Water )
are copyright Paizo Inc., or its employees, affiliates, and subsidiaries.
Unless otherwise specifically noted, all characters, personalities, and events are copyright me, :iconYttriumDervish: YttriumDervish.
Such notations appear at the end of each item in question.
Game mechanics, equipment names, and other generic items are classified under the Open Game License, as well as real-world historical examples.
OGL content obtained via the d20pfsrd website.
Material used as indicated by the
:iconyttriumdervish:YttriumDervish 2 0
The Exploding Universe - Plot Connections/Synopses
If you haven't yet read my stories, please don't look here. Though I won't give away anything that hasn't already happened (read: that I've been too lazy to actually post), I ruin the plot of those bits already completed. If that bothers you, look away! Better, go read them first, and then come back!
In Just One Wish our protagonist, named Richard, summons a magical djinn, which grants guessed it...just one wish. He, obviously, wishes for muscle growth powers world-alter-y muscle grow-y trope-y stuff, like any of us would.
In due form, Richard somehow shares these powers with Caitlin, an old buddy of his, who goes crazy, grows herself and a friend huge, and, naturally, wants to take over the world.
Richard meets Joshua (unashamed self-inclusion), some sort of powerful author entity, at odds with some even crazier and more powerful vague chick character. Richard realizes he has a purpose now, even if he
:iconyttriumdervish:YttriumDervish 1 0
Magnus's Gambit
"Awesome", went Brian Magnus's internal monologue, "Check these gains! I was so scrawny a month ago; so glad I talked to that weird old man!"
Brian had piled on over 85 pounds of muscle in the last week alone; he now tipped the scales at 325, and stood almost seven feet high, a drastic increase from the 5'0" 92lb weakling he'd been all of his life. Racking the huge amount of weight, he stood from the bench and flexed his massive chest in the mirror, thinking back on that fateful day.
"This is just great. Of course my car would get stolen, what else would happen to me?"
Muttering to himself, the twenty-something trodged through the slush, shivering in the damp December weather. Magnus had never had much luck; he had been constantly picked on for his size, the bullies never growing up as he got older. Countless years of losing his "lunch money," cell phones, wrist watches and anything someone else wanted had been coupled with a complete lack of relationship success
:iconyttriumdervish:YttriumDervish 4 4
Reading Guide
I have shorts, I have series starts that are independent from each other, and I have series starts (and one complete!) that are all intertwined and should be read in a certain order, which unfortunately is not the order that I have written them.
I am presently embarking on a non-fetish related "fan fiction" set in the Pathfinder universe. This is titled The Avalastshin Chronicles, and can be found in the section with the same name.
The Shorts section contains what it sounds; one-shots or very brief blurbs that hold, generally, very little plot, development, or otherwise. Fun little things to get the juices flowing!
Incomplete Starts contains the intros and various chapters of stories that don't go with any other ones, but that I had intended to be longer than a short. None of them are finished, most are still pretty rough, but there they are.
The Exploding Universe is my Song of Ice and Fire, though aside from using the name of his series as
:iconyttriumdervish:YttriumDervish 1 0
Mature content
Growth for Growth's Sake :iconyttriumdervish:YttriumDervish 36 8
The Incursion Principle
I was at work, with my tablet, when the urge to write something took me. This is the result; I apologize for typographical and grammatical errors, I didn't bother to check it over.
It was the dawn of a new age for humanity. Following the tragic explosion in Russia, the Fantastic Multinational Group made up for the travesty of their name by creating the first antimatter engine. Led by Dr. Sumang Ogmenta, the team of brilliant scholars built upon the works of their predecessors (especially those of the great trio Gilnters, Mennaw, and Ritlpez) and solved the Holy Grail of the modern world: free energy.
It took only 30 years for the conduits to extend to the world's leading powers, and even the poorest and most repressed peoples were slowly gaining access to, and reaping the benefits of, the gigajoules of energy pumping everywhere. Within no more than 50 more years, there would not have been a single location on Earth without power, were it not for the incident.
:iconyttriumdervish:YttriumDervish 1 0
Mature content
The Mechanism of Transformation :iconyttriumdervish:YttriumDervish 15 0
Mature content
The Chewbacca Defense 3 - On The Run :iconyttriumdervish:YttriumDervish 2 4
Mature content
Just One Wish 4 :iconyttriumdervish:YttriumDervish 17 5
Mature content
Just One Wish 3 :iconyttriumdervish:YttriumDervish 18 0
Just One Wish 2
Caitlin's Transformation
During the reasonable drive to Irongrove, Richard pondered just how to go about turning his best friend/love interest into a voluptuous amazon.
She does have Greek in her, continued his inner voice, but still, this is my story. I have to find a way to be unique, otherwise my life's just a plagiarism.
He took a brief moment to gasp in shock; there he was, on a billboard for the local gym! This was certainly an unexpected, if not unwelcome, turn of events. I guess I never realized just how far these alterations would go.
After all, he was still driving his nigh-broken down Santa Monica, still lived in the same house with the same people, still (as far as he could tell) had the same friends.
I guess this body had to come from somewhere.
Pulling into her driveway, Richard was elated to see that Tyler wasn't there, too. Caitlin's boyfrie
:iconyttriumdervish:YttriumDervish 27 0
Just One Wish 1
The Set-Up
"Dude, this is ridiculous," exclaimed Dean as he shoved his papers back into his backpack, "I quit. You're going way to far with this."
"Don't act like that. You knew the consequences when you cast it; it was only a matter of time before it came back to bite you in the ass." From behind his screen, Ethan's words came as law. "You can't cast Wish to mimic a Permanent Bull's Strength that continues casting without severely negative side-effects."
"But making it so my character can't even move because he's too muscular's ridiculous!"
"Dean, sit back down, we'll keep playing, and I'm sure our friendly neighborhood DM will let you cancel your Wish." Richard, protagonist of the story, looks at Dean carefully, "That was an outrageous one anyway."
With a sigh, Dean complies, unpacking his D&D gear and arranging it on the table once more, "Fine. But only this time. You're such an asshole, Ethan."
Smirking, Ethan rolls his d20s, "That's what the DM's for
:iconyttriumdervish:YttriumDervish 17 0


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Despite my massive failure to do what I said the last time I did one of these, here's a tentative list for the upcoming days. Physical trainers always say to make yourself accountable to the public by making announcements and updates; same principle should apply to mental training, right?

It's the holidays coming up, which means work vacations. These should be reasonable, attainable deadlines for me. Theoretically sound!

Saturday the 19th - Star Trek: Voyager, KittyKatTrina style! An alternate take on the events of the two-parter, "Scorpion." Ensign Zwicker is infected with Borg nanoprobes, but something unexpected happens during assimilation, and resistance is far from futile!

Wednesday the 23rd - Current poll results winner, which at this time, is the FMG Epic Rap Battles of History parody! I can't actually close the poll, but I'll stop looking at it Sunday, so if you haven't voted and want something else, speak now!

Thursday the 31st - The Avalastshin Chronicles: Chapter 0.0. The introductory chapter of a fantasy story, set in the Pathfinder RPG universe. This is the most variable date; I won't put this out until I'm happy with it.

Friday, January 1st, 2016 - Happy New Year! There's a lot going on this year; Summer Olympics in Rio, POTUS election, Feb. 29th exists...and I have an idea to celebrate them, and many others, in a fun fashion. Stay tuned!

I joined a fair bit of literature groups recently, many with weekly prompts/contests. As time permits, I'll do some of them as well. Obviously I have no idea of their subject matter yet, but should be some fun exercises!

I've also found a lovely obsession with CSS lately, and I know very little of it yet. The obtrusive custom box down in my profile's corner bit there is going to be a playground for me while I learn the coding. Apologies in advance if I ever leave boxes under construction, or pop out some wackadoodle journal styles!

Thanks for stopping by!


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